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Error while seeing logs using loops

From: Kudiyarasan
Subject: Error while seeing logs using loops
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 10:56:15 +0530

Hi ,
    As  a new user of CVS , I have one peculiar problem while seeing the logs using  loop.
Please see the following  piece of code ( shell script ) :
    case 1 :
         cvs     log     ` find      source_dir/     -type     f `
    This is working fine and we can get the proper result

But in
     case 2 :
        for     files     in     ` find     source_dir/     -type     f `
            cvs     log     ${files}

The result is not coming fully . i.e. the cvs server gets down at the middle and quits .
I can not analyze where the problem is . Can anyone help me  to overcome this ?! .

environment : cvs 1.10.7 + pserver

Thanks & Regards ,

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