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jCVS Client Problem

From: Iqbal Shaikh
Subject: jCVS Client Problem
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 11:40:27 +0530

Hello fiends,

I need some help ,

We have got CVS Server running on Linux.
I have got  jCVS client installed on Solaris Server and it is running
fine on Solaris,

We have got NT  Workstations and the users  connect to the Sun
Servers using  Exceeds 6.2 ( X-Emulation Software ).
Once they have got connection to the Sun Servers they will be then
connecting to the  Linux CVS server using jCVS .

But when we  start the  jCVS client  we have a problem,
All the unix  terminal windows that are opened  become inactive.
and  you cannot make entries on to the jCVS client window.
keyboard does not respond.
Once we exit from jCVS Client everything is Ok.

Are there any Configuration Settings to be done on Exceeds to handle

kindly  help,

Thanks & Regards

Sys Admin,
Controlnet - GOA

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