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Sticky Tags

From: Scott Holmes
Subject: Sticky Tags
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 09:46:22 -0800

I'm getting an error message on trying to commit:
cvs server: sticky tag `WCGCPG-1-0' for file `init.blk' is not a branch

I've only just started playing around with tags and have obviously missed 
something.  I created the referenced tag in the top level of my checked out 
work area, thus:  cvs tag WCGCPG-1-0 without intending on creating a branch.  
I then did cvs update -r WCGCPG-1-0.

I realize the documentation discusses the update in reference to branches but 
I was hoping it also applied to tags in general.  Do I absolutely need to 
check out a new working copy of my project or is there a better way to get 
this working area back on track?

  My reason for doing this is to have data for the $Name$ keyword.


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