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commit to head restricted

From: Annette Waters
Subject: commit to head restricted
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 13:02:51 -0800

I've been reading the CVS home page and my collection of CVS info group
e-mails as I need to restrict committing to the HEAD of our source tree to
just be allowed to one user.  I do not want to restrict anyone from
committing to their own branches.

I would appreciate any insight on the best way to do this.

I have an old clearcase (prior company tool) trigger that accomplishes this.
If I modify this to contain cvs commands and reference this in the
cvswrapper file -- "should" this work?  (if so some proper steps would be

What about reserved checkouts.. if I do a reserved checkout as my cvsadmin
user and therefore the only one who could commit.. would this have any
effect on developers committing into their own branches?  

Thanks in advance for any and all help!


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