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RE: cvswrappers - any better suggestions ?

From: Greg A. Woods
Subject: RE: cvswrappers - any better suggestions ?
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 14:28:09 -0500 (EST)

[ On Saturday, March 31, 2001 at 05:57:31 (-0800), David Glick wrote: ]
> Subject: RE: cvswrappers - any better suggestions ?
> With all due respect, Greg, I think Gianni made some very telling
> points which CVS will need to address if it is to survive.  I'm an
> independent consultant, and I try to bring CVS into each organization
> I work with.  I'm sometimes successful, but I fail at times for
> exactly the reasons Gianni articulates.

Come on you guys!!!!  CVS's goal is not to "survive", whatever the heck
that could possibly mean in a free software community!!!!!  Survival and
market share are not just oxymorons to free software, but in fact are
dangerous concepts that can only damage good free software (look at the
horrible mess in things like Mozilla, KDE, and even most GNU/Linux

The goal of CVS is to to *exactly* what it does and has always done!!!!
That's it.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

CVS will survive in exactly the places where it fulfills the
requirements it was designed to fulfill.  If those requirements ever
completely go away, or if any other tool comes along that fulfills those
requirements in an obviously better way, then maybe CVS will cease to
"survive", but that'll be a good thing and we'll all rejoice when it

If you put CVS into organisations where it won't do anything but confuse
them and cause them troubles because it's the wrong tool for their
requirements then you're doing the WRONG thing!  It's no damn wonder
that sometimes you fail to convince some clients to use CVS!  They don't
all NEED it!!!!  You fail in those cases because you have failed to
understand their requirements and to correctly do the job they hired you
to do!

PLEASE learn to understand your requirements and learn to use the right
tool for the right job.  You do not use a hammer to turn in screws and
you do not modify your hammer to make it look like a screwdriver because
if you do then you won't have a hammer any more!

You've got absolutely NO excuse for using the wrong FREE tools!!!!!!

We do NOT need any false CVS evangelists who preach it as a hammer for
all screws!!!!  It is already a monopoly in the niche it fits in, and if
you can't figure out what niche that is then don't evangelise it (and
you probably shouldn't even use it either)!

(and yes I do use Mozilla -- it's the best free software of its type
that I've been able to find and it fills more of my requirements than
anything else like it)

                                                        Greg A. Woods

+1 416 218-0098      VE3TCP      <address@hidden>      <robohack!woods>
Planix, Inc. <address@hidden>; Secrets of the Weird <address@hidden>

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