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RE: Skipping directories in "checkout"

From: Reinstein, Shlomo
Subject: RE: Skipping directories in "checkout"
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 07:07:45 +0300

I fully agree with the philosophy - I'd rather have more than less. But at
the end of the checkout operation, I expect to know from CVS (through its
exit status, and perhaps also through an error message) that something went
wrong. Otherwise the only way for me to intercept it is to capture the
errors from the standard error (or output). 
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Subject: Re: Skipping directories in "checkout"

Reinstein, Shlomo writes:
> The reason CVS is unable to open the repository directories of this
> is that there is a network problem and the connection to the file server
> (not CVS server!) in which the repository is located is unstable. The
> question is, why does it skip the directory? Why does it not "die" with a
> fatal error message?

Because the philosophy is that you'd rather have more of what you're
trying to checkout than less.  Why do you have (part of) your repository
on an unreliable network filesystem -- is it read-only, junk you don't
really care about, or do you just enjoy living dangerously?

-Larry Jones

See if we can sell Mom and Dad into slavery for a star cruiser. -- Calvin

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