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CVS and assesment

From: Thomas Tuft Muller
Subject: CVS and assesment
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 11:50:21 +0100


Excuse me if I'm totally off-topic; this is my first posting to this

I wonder if anybody have som experience with using CVS to follow up
work-quality, project progress, individual measurement of work amount done
over specific periods of time etc, etc. I imagine a scenario where each
programmer is forced to check in once a week (preferrably with a specific
tag indicating that the files are possibly untested/uncompilable). Proper
scripts could analyze the code regarding inter alia number of
lines/words/bytes, commenting, commenting rules, coding-rules, class
cohesion, method-length, class-length, parameter names, variable names, etc,
etc. In addition the scripts should also take into account the state of the
archive last time the scripts were run, and analyze/provide statistics about
the change.

Combined with a weekly/monthly submitted timeplan from the programmers, this
could be a valuable tool for managers to see the overall as well as
individual progress/quality.

Does such analying scripts exist for the CVS archive format?



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