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Re: tag dates

From: David Zaroski
Subject: Re: tag dates
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001 16:13:23 -0700 (MST)

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Matthew Riechers wrote:

MR>"McCann, Brian" wrote:
MR>> Hi,
MR>> Our build script tags our builds nightly, when I do a cvs log  on a file I
MR>> get output showing all the tags,  but there is no date associated with the
MR>> tag.
MR>> Is there away to get the dates the tag was put on the source code?
MR>This won't tell you the date you made the tag, but the log tells you the
MR>tags associated w/ each revision number. Just look at that revision
MR>entry for its date. In the future you can put the date/time in the tag
MR>itself, or just log the tag name (build number) and date in a seperate
MR>file , and use that as a reference.

Another option would be to write a script to display the tags, revision and
date of that revision for a particular file. The benefit of doing so is that
there are no performance penalties that can occur if you log every tag
operation via taginfo. For instance (a snip of output from my script):

cvs_1_10_8 : date: 2000/03/17 19:32:47  author: dez
cvs_1_11_1 : date: 2001/04/27 04:36:10  author: dez


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