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Re: Help for Locking the repository

From: John Minnihan
Subject: Re: Help for Locking the repository
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 15:01:14 -0700

This may be accomplished using locks -
As Andy points out below, locking files somewhat defeats a major operating
feature of CVS.  You may wish to employ other techniques to behaviourlly avoid
multiple developers editing the same files in conjunction with an alert when
such an action occurs.

address@hidden wrote:

> A key point of CVS is the Concurrency. If you need to lock like that then
> CVS isn't the tool for you.
> As for permissions on specific directories - this has been discussed quite
> recently here. Either group your users and set the permissions on the
> directories accordingly, or write some sort of script to be called by
> commitinfo
> Andy
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> From: Pushpa Jesu Rajah [mailto:address@hidden
> I would like to know how to lock the repository.  My requirement is, if one
> person has checked out other person should not be able to check out.  How to
> do in CVS pserver.
> Another requirement I have is, I would like to give permission of some
> directories inside the repository only for few people? How to do that.
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