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RE: CVS and assesment

From: Thomas Tuft Muller
Subject: RE: CVS and assesment
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 16:44:34 +0100

Todd Denniston wrote:

| I will however only give you the first line of such an
| abomination that I have
| been forced to live under:
| cvs checkout -r HEAD -p $MODULE_NAME 2>/dev/null > $TMP_FILE2
| It's up to you to determine what kind of tyrannical analysis of
| $TMP_FILE2 you
| want to do with a FORTRAN program or perl script.

I fail to see why some(?) programmers are so reluctant to have their work
analyzed and assessed. I'm a programmer myself, and I'm pretty sure that
such a tool could benefit good programmers and maybe expose the bad seeds.
Sound competion with fellow workers has never hurt anyone. I mean, a lot of
employees out there have their work scrutinized and analyzed every day. Why
should we be any different? Do we think we are irreplaceable no matter how
much and what we actually do?

Programmers constitute a very arcane society and I think a lot of companies
would like to be able to assess the quality of the Software Development
department as well as they do for other departments. The problem is that
"Software Quality" is an understatement in a world where extreme programming
emerges as the prevalent development process. I think (good) programmers
should be the first in line for deploying tools and processes for assessing
their own work. Or are we too scared?



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