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Lots of modules need merging

From: Steve Smale
Subject: Lots of modules need merging
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 16:54:05 +0100 (BST)

Hi all,

Bit of a nightmare one here...

We've had a developer working here in the past who used to check out code,
go home, restructure stuff add stuff, delete stuff, and then get back and
think "hmm stuff that" and rather than commiting the code, he could create
a new module.

We therefore have project, project1, project2, project3, and project4, all
of which are later stages of the same project, and all of which have a few
weeks worth of version information in them.

The thing i want to try to do is to pull them all into one module,
'project', with using tags to mark each position. If the version
information in each module can bekept, that will be ideal, but i guess if
not we /could/ live without it...

Does anyone have any idea how i could go about doing this?

just to clarify they are like:

cvs checkout project4 to get them, so different modules of the same
repositry. some things have changed, some just added or removed between
versions. Doesnt matter about tracking file moves, that would just be a

Thanks in advance for any bright ideas!


Steve Smale

Tel   : 07050 610146
SMS   : 82668 349 2317
Fax   : 08700 522389
Email : address@hidden

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