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Re: Versioning help after Tagging required.

From: Torbjörn Axelsson
Subject: Re: Versioning help after Tagging required.
Date: 05 Jun 2001 14:16:50 +0200
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"Sonya Iyer" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I have been really struggling with CVS for a week now and hope that
> someone on this list can help me. 
> Lets assume that I have a project with 2 file, and   I
> created a repository and imported a module with these 2 files. 
> Next, I check them out to a working directory. Lets say, I edit
>  reach a milestone and commit (version 1.2) and then make
> some more changes and commit (v 1.3)  All this while, is at v
> 1.1 
> Now I tag the whole module as say, release-1 and I'm happy.
> Now, I need to make changes to, but I want to start the
> versioning from 1.3,  not from 1.1  ie, I want to bring my entire
> module to have a version 1.3, so that changes to any file from here
> on forth will be 1.4 (or  and so on...) 
> How can I acheive this ? Been driving me nuts...  BTW, I use wincvs
> with development on my hard disk only (for now). 
> Thanks in advance,
> Sonya

This seems to be an extremely frequent question and the default answer
would be:

You don't, as there is no need to.

Read chapter 4.2 of the CVS manual about the difference between
revisions and releases and why version is a word not to use.

If you still feel the need to jump revisions (thereby losing
information about what files are stable between releases) chapter 4.3
will help you out.


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