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Browsing the repository

From: Kostur, Andre
Subject: Browsing the repository
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 15:46:06 -0700

Something that seems to be missing from cvs is a mechanism by which a user
can browse the repository.  I'm not talking about CVSWeb or something like
that, those are cheating and assuming that there is a web server available
on the repository machine.  I'm talking about running something like "cvs
list /" to show either the contents of the root of $CVSROOT, or
alternatively the recursive list starting at that point.  I glanced at the
CVS protocol and there doesn't even seem to be a way to do it at the
protocol level.  By implementing this feature, it would allow client
software to see what's in the repository without checking out the entire
thing.  (Also assume that I'm not on the local respository machine.  pserver
in my case.)


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