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Re: Question about CVS

From: Torbjörn Axelsson
Subject: Re: Question about CVS
Date: 06 Jun 2001 11:29:16 +0200
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Cheng Ie-Sun <address@hidden> writes:

> Got 2 questions regarding CVS
> 1. Is it possible to limit the number of revisions that CVS creates?
>     ie. 5 revisions, 1.1x, 1.2x, 1.3x, 1.4x and 1.5x
> 2. Is it possible to remove the old revisions
>     ie. remove revisions 1 tru 49 and just leave revision 50 and 51 from a 51 
> revision file
> Appreciate your help.
> Thanks

1. Not unless you stop checking in changes.
   As noted just about any time anyone asks anything about revisions
   on this list: Revision numbers are the magic smoke that make CVS
   work, mess with them and CVS will no longer do its work reliably.
   Do not confuse revision numbers and releases, more details on this
   issue at <URL:>.

2. This question is mostly just a matter of saving disk space and if
   you really are that bad off on disk space, go ahead using 'cvs
   admin -o' as described in
   Note that this is a really dangerous operation and really only
   worth doing if you are handling large binary files (these tend to
   be real space hogs).

Good luck

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