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Re: Tag modules ??

From: Laine Stump
Subject: Re: Tag modules ??
Date: 06 Jun 2001 11:59:54 -0400
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> "Zanabria, Moises" wrote:
> > I'm concern ,the typical method is to check-out the src code and only tag
> > that.
> > My question .
> > How can the modules file get tagged during the build process?
> > Must it be checked-out to tag it?

Matthew Riechers <address@hidden> writes:

> cvs rtag module_name

I believe what's being asked is how to tag the modules file (in the
CVSROOT directory) itself, not how to tag the contents of the module
without checking it out (which is what your answer does).

That could likely be done with "cvs rtag CVSROOT/modules
...". However, it wouldn't do you much good at all, since CVS always
uses the most recent revision (on the trunk) of the modules file, even
when doing checkouts based on tags/branches/dates/etc.

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