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-t -f .cvswrappers

From: JR Ruggentaler
Subject: -t -f .cvswrappers
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 14:01:04 -0500

I use the -t -f options in my .cvswrappers and they are no longer supported
in CVS. I would like to upgrade to the current stable version of CVS. Is
there a replacement to this functionality? I use these options to do the

*.eomodeld   -f 'unwrap %s' -t 'wrap %s %s' -m 'COPY' -k 'b' 

The above .cvswrappers entry is used to check in/check out Database models
created with Apple's database modeling tool EOModeler. EOModeler creates a
directory for example Inventory.eomodeld and saves schema like information
in files in the Inventory.eomodeld directory. We keep the model in CVS by
using the -t and -f wrapper options to tar and untar the model at check in
and check out time.


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