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CVS : Access Issues :

From: Parth venkat
Subject: CVS : Access Issues :
Date: 7 Jun 2001 02:25:37 IST

Hello All,

Here is my problem and I am hoping some help or pointers in the right
direction from all of you: 

We have a CVS setup where all development occurs on one Sun Solaris machine
(let us say machine1 ) . This machine also has the cvs repository. So the
users ( by default )have all types of access to the repository but, chekin
access is defined thru a access control list maintained in a CVS
administrative file. So now if I need to give a developer a access on to a
perticular module to chekin source i add his name to the proper module \
We also have Software delivery \ development Team (say guys1 ) typically
customisation projects being developed on a another Sun machine. Now
developers on this machine lets say machine2 can access cvs code on the
repository machine but they have to have a account on the machine1 also so
that the access control can be done using his rights on the machine1. ( A
pserver mode login naturally fails if the user does not have a userid on the
machine1 ). So in short it is the unix system previledges for access to CVS
coupled with the access control list that we are using the CVS.  

Here is where my problem starts, we also have a few people (say guys2) on the
machine2 we dont wish to give access to all the source code but just a few
directories which deal with the delivery only and nothing else. For now, due
to scenario described above they have access ( though readonly ) to the
proprietory source code since they have a user account on machine1. 

The solution to this above requirement (I think )is to setup a pserver login
to the cvs repository with a script that will enforce the current access
control ( guys1 ) coupled with a feature to give those other people only
access to the modules that concern them ( guys2 ). I need directions \
pointers for a way to do this. 
( I may be wrong here but I think adding the user name to the cvs passwd file
and thus giving him a cvs repository access will not enable me to enforce the
access control file since in the pserver mode the cvs uses root to access the
repository and so it is not possible to enforce the restriction. Do Correct me
if i am wrong ) 

I Thank all of you for your time and patience (for reading my scenario ) and
also for your invaluable suggestions. 


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