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Prevention of tagging and branching

From: Michael Lukaschek
Subject: Prevention of tagging and branching
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 14:39:14 +0200

We use cvs on a Linux machine running pserver. We have WinCVS-clients to
acces the repository.
Is there a chance to prevent the users (except for an cvs-administrator)
from tagging and branching and especially from removing tags or
branches? We all know wich problems can be caused by removing tags...
Maybe there is a way to deactivate these methods in the client?

Thanks for your help,
Dipl.-Math. Michael Lukaschek, Software Development
Dimension 3D-Systems GmbH / Interzart AG 3D Commerce
Telephone: +49-511 390884-0       Facsimile: +49-511 390884-10

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