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Re: Wrong timezone.

From: David Fuller
Subject: Re: Wrong timezone.
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 10:53:57 -0400

It sounds like you have to change the timezone your server is using. 
That would be dependent on what OS you are using, which you didn't
mention the server configuration.

-- David F.

Karsten Aarrebo Pedersen wrote:
> I have installed cvs on a windows NT machine and have the following problem:
> Each time I commit a file, the timestamp is 2 hours off (also shown in
> wincvs). I guess it is because I am in the CET (GMT+1) and it is currently
> daylight saving (+1 hour) for the summer.
> The clock on my NT machine is set correctly to the current timezone and
> daylight saving.
> Since I am not going to do multi timezone development, I would like cvs to
> use the time Windows are using.
> Does anybody have a solution to this problem?
> regards
> Karsten.

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