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Hey all

From: Matt Keyes
Subject: Hey all
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 11:25:59 -0500

Glad I found this software.


Here’s my situation… I recently came across a free Pentium 233 server (one of 3dfx’s old machines).  I’m planning on putting Linux (probably Redhat) on it as well as on another P233 machine I have.  One will be an FTP/Web server, the other I’m hoping to turn into a repository with CVS.  What I actually do development on is an AMD 500 with Windows 2000 installed.


My question is this: can I interface Visual Studio 6.0 with CVS?  Or will I need to go outside of the program to work with the repository?  For that matter, can I access a CVS repository on a Linux machine from a Win2K machine?


Thanks!!  Any other recommendations are appreciated.

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