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RE: Wrong timezone.

From: Kris Thielemans
Subject: RE: Wrong timezone.
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 17:54:24 +0100


I'm bewildered by the reactions on Karsten's mail. Maybe it is because he
doesn't really say what his setup is.

In any case, I'd fully expect that NT gets the right time from the CVS,
whatever its timezone, and wherever the server is. This of course requires
that both the NT workstation and the server have their timezone set

Indeed, the fact that CVS records times in UTC should help to achieve this.

There is no reason to expect that 'getting the timezone from NT' is
different from 'getting the timezone from Unix'.

So, IF Karsten's timezones are set correctly, THEN he has a bug in WinCVS in
my opinion.

By the way, I live in England, but it is Daylight Savings Time, so the time
is not UTC currently. I'm using cygwin, and the CVS version which you get
when using cygwin (NOT WinCVS). My archive is remote (on a Linux station),
but within the same timezone. My timestamps are all fine.

All the best,

Kris Thielemans
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London W12 ONN, United Kingdom

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> Hi Karsten,
> > Each time I commit a file, the timestamp is 2 hours off (also shown in
> > wincvs). I guess it is because I am in the CET (GMT+1) and it
> is currently
> > daylight saving (+1 hour) for the summer.
> >
> > The clock on my NT machine is set correctly to the current timezone and
> > daylight saving.
> CVS saves all changes based in UTC and not in local Time
> Zone. If you
> checkout the time will be adjusted to represent the right
> time.
> This is correct behaviour.
> >
> > Since I am not going to do multi timezone development, I would
> like cvs to
> > use the time Windows are using.
> If you realy want that (I can't believe it). you have to
> rewrite the RCS lib
> and CVS.
> --

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