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Re: Info-cvs digest, Vol 1 #603 - 14 msgs

From: Ron Smith
Subject: Re: Info-cvs digest, Vol 1 #603 - 14 msgs
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 15:39:10 -0500

And the pieces all finally come together.....

That last bit helped us figure out the problem. You are correct: they are on different network segments so, the question was: why was it translating the address that I entered (which is on my network segment) to an address on the other network segment.

The answer was that I had two entries for my DNS servers -- one from each network segment. Normally, that is not a problem but the CVS server just happens to be in both with the different addresses mapped to each other (I'm not real clear on how that all works but it doesn't matter).

The solution was to remove the DNS entries and just accept whatever the DHCP server was giving me (I could have figured out which one had the correct entries for my network segment but that would have been more difficult).

Then, I had one other minor problem -- it said it could not create the .cvspass in my home directory. I created an empty .cvspass there and now everything works perfectly!

Thanks for all the help!

Ron Smith writes:

 Ok, I just tried that and I can telnet to that port.  Here's what I got:

 [localhost:~/Projects] ron% telnet 2401
 Connected to
 Escape character is '^]'.
 ? <--- I typed this and pressed enter
 cvs [pserver aborted]: bad auth protocol start: ?

 Connection closed by foreign host.

I think this means it is working ok. Besides, it is working on other machines.

However, the original problem report was:

 >>  >>  cvs [login aborted]: connect to ga01db03( failed:
 >>  >>  Operation timed out and may be the same machine, but they're likely on
different networks and may be subject to different firewall rules.  If
telnet to 2401 works, then I'll bet it was a transient network
problem and that CVS will now work, too.

-Larry Jones

I'm not a vegetarian!  I'm a dessertarian. -- Calvin


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