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Re: CVS bug - invalid change text

From: Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Subject: Re: CVS bug - invalid change text
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 17:00:38 +0200

Hi there,

> In a large project (hundreds of files)
This is not a large project....

> The checkout process is aborted middle in the checkout process
> with the error message
> "cvs [server aborted]: invalid change text /xxx/xxx/messagehandlers.c,v"
I have taken a look into the source text and this message can only be
created if
the diff output is not correct which i can't believe...but ...

> I can retrieve only half of the files.
> Fortunately I am still able to check out the current versions of the files.

How is CVS used? As :pserver: or :local: if it is used in local mode is
connection due to NFS? On Unix or NT ? Using WinCVS or something like

Which version of CVS do you use?

> - what is causing this problem ?
> - is it possible to force CVS to continue the checkout without deleteing
> the file "messagehandlers.c,v" in the cvs repository ?
> - is it possible to repair this file "messagehandlers.c,v" in the
> repository ?
Might be? Using an Hex-Editor if it is not a hardware problem....

> This problem raises the question whether CVS can be used at all for
> serious version management.
Why not.... CVS is used in much bigger environments for development and
has no problems.... I've been using CVS since 1992 (started with CVS 1.3 
on MS-DOS) and i have never seen such a problem which was caused by CVS
Later it is always appeared that the problem has been caused by other
hardware...wrong editing etc...

> It seems CVS is able to corrupt older versions of a file by commits carried
> out at some later point in time.
> (that is what has actually happened).
Can you send me a copy of that file??? And the Label or the revision
results in problems...? May I can help?
Have you made a copy of that file and used RCS directly on that file?

Ever recovered an old version of that file from Backup?

> This also means that it is impossible for a user to determine by simple
> means
> whether the data in the CVS repository are still valid or became invalid in
> the meantime.
> And this in turn would mean that one needs to save every version of a file
> independently just in case CVS might not give you back the old files.
Have you ever thought about a backup strategie? BTW do you have a
daily backup?

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