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disk space, import

From: Tomki
Subject: disk space, import
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 20:48:40 +0700

Hi, I just had a lot of trouble accomplishing an import today..
the repository I wanted to checkin was a lot larger than my /tmp filesystem, and I couldn't determine how to change the target temporary storage space directory. Documentation on indicated that it could be done by having '-T /newdirectory' in the /etc/inetd.conf cvs line.
No luck, but also no further errors.
I also attempted adding this option to the import line. No luck, also no further errors. I eventually discovered that I could accomplish my goal by setting CVS_SERVER='cvs -T /newdirectory' to indicate how the remote server was to store the temporary directory.. But there was no documentation anywhere that I tried to find it, that led me to this conclusion. Just a wild attempt to try to fix the problem I was having. So I'm wondering: if documentation exists that would have led me to this conclusion earlier, where could I have found it, and how could I have known to look there? And: is this the standard way to solve this problem? Because the documentation that I did find indicated a method that just didn't work at all, for me.



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