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Re: Help with CVSWeb

From: Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Subject: Re: Help with CVSWeb
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 07:52:00 +0200

Hi there,
 The problem:  I'm trying to install cvsweb
> (, and it won't show
> anything below the initial cvs directory (see below for specifics).
Have you checked the permissions of the directories if they are world

> 3.  Chucked cvsweb.cgi in cgi-bin, and cvsweb.conf into conf, and
> "icons" into cgi-bin (more on this later, a small problem)
Why not like the default as a point of start...

> 5.  Modified cvsweb.cgi like so:
> $config = $ENV{'CVSWEB_CONFIG'} || '../conf/cvsweb.conf';
Why do you modify... The first step should to try as it was and get
it running...
> i.e. the conf file is up out of cgi-bin, and down into conf.
If you use ".." then the cvsweb.conf have to be in ../conf directory
level above cgi-bin. BTW have you set the permissions correct?

> At this point I then tried to run the script.  It failed due to
> "unspecified variables".
I think the message have to be "uninitialized value..." within the 
Apache error log file. If you have something different you should try
to install it in the default way and then change this defaults to your 

> Now it worked. gave the front page
> I was looking for, with a listing of all of the modules (but no icons,
> they appear to not be in the right place).
The icons are separatley configured in the cvsweb.conf file. you have to
give access to them.

Kind regards.

Dipl.-Ing. Karl Heinz Marbaise | Phone: +49 (241) 4 13 26 - 48
QIS Systemhaus GmbH Aachen     | Fax  : +49 (241) 4 13 26 - 40
Juelicher Strasse 338          | Internet:
52070 Aachen                   | e-mail  : address@hidden

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