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Re: Maintaining branches...

From: Brett Neumeier
Subject: Re: Maintaining branches...
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 10:08:55 -0500

Ralph Mack wrote:
> Hello, all,
> I have a couple of questions.
> First a question for my home environment - has anybody managed
> to integrate CVS into Visual Age for Java? I got the Zeus-SCC
> stuff and I tried to use it from VAJ but it killed the VAJ
> environment. I may have had it set up wrong, though. If I at
> least know that it is supposed to work, it will help me focus
> my efforts.

I don't know what Zeus-SCC is -- I use VAJ with CVS, but 
without using the external SCM integration.  There's a 
tool "vaj2cvs" that was written by Kevin Grittner; it uses the
tools integration API, and in my experience works very well 
most of the time.  Give it a try...



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