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Re: Putting Gif Files into CVS

From: Rob Helmer
Subject: Re: Putting Gif Files into CVS
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 11:14:07 -0700
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I put entries into my CVSROOT/cvswrappers file to deal
with files like this. Here is an example :


# Media files
*.[Gg][Ii[Ff]           -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.[Jj][Pp][Gg]          -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.[Jj][Pp][Ee][Gg]      -k 'b' -m 'COPY'
*.[Pp][Nn][Gg]          -k 'b' -m 'COPY'


That makes it so every file checked in with those
extensions ( any permutation of case ) get a -k 'b' and
-m 'COPY'.

Look up the cvswrappers config file on
if you have any more questions about it.

Rob Helmer

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 02:04:16PM -0400, Charles Stockman wrote:
> Hello
> I am adminstrating my first CVS repository and I need help with gif
> files.
> My environment is a CVS Repository on a Sun machine where NT clients are
> accessing the Repository.
> The procedure I have been using is:
>     1. import the files
>     2. find . -name "*.gif" -exec cvs admin -kb {} \;
>     3. find . -name "*.gif" -exec cvs update {} \;
> This procedure has worked for MSWord documents, Power Point Files and
> Jar Files; however it has not worked for gif files.
> How do I put a gif file into CVS ???
> Thank you for any help you provide.
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