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CVS Features

From: Adam Popp
Subject: CVS Features
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 08:47:55 -0400

I'm thinking about using the CVS version control but I am comparing it to an alterative which is Merant's PVCS could you tell me which features CVS has compared to PVCS.

                                        Merant PVCS                     CVS

Version Control                         YES    
Defect Tracking                         YES    
Configuration Manager                   YES    
Web Access Via Web Browser              YES    
Web Access Via Custom Client            *SEE NOTE*     
Client / Server Arch                    **SEE NOTE**   
Windows Client                          YES    
Windows Server                          YES FOR WEB    
AIX Client                              YES    
AIX Server                              YES FOR WEB    
Proprietary Repository                  YES    
DB2 Repository                          NO     
Oracle Repository                       YES    
Multi Object Storage Capability         YES    
Database Backup Capability              ***SEE NOTE***

Web Access Via Custom Client    *Thin Client Applet in Conjunction with Web Browser*   

Client / Server Arch    **Defect Tracker uses Client server data on back end, VM internet user is client server**      

Database Backup Capability      ***Works with current backup method*** 

Adam Popp
e-mail:  address@hidden

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