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Questions regarding a repository move

From: Luna, Glen
Subject: Questions regarding a repository move
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 12:08:59 -0400


I am preparing to move several directories from one repository to another.
However, I ran into a possible snag. The source repository is 1.10.7 and the
destination repository 1.9. We will be transitioning the destination
repository to 1.11 in the near future, but the move must come first (not my
idea -- it's a directive from the higher ups). It is a fairly small set of
directories holding about 600 files. Plus, we really don't take advantage of
the CVSROOT admin files so I don't see an impact in that directory. Both
repositories are on unix platforms.

But, are there any problems I should anticipate?

Also, I have never done an CVS installation upgrade before. Is it pretty
easy? I assume I just download the install file, and run the install, right?

Any problems upgrading from 1.9 to the lastest CVS binary? Again, we do
nothing advanced or tricky with the administration or structure of the CVS

Thanks in advance.

Glen Luna
Dyncorp IS LLC
(703) 818-4385

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