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Re: CVS bug - invalid change text

From: John Minnihan
Subject: Re: CVS bug - invalid change text
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 11:25:33 -0700

I do a pre- and post network traversing md5sum against VIFs (Very Important
Files) and maintain the outputted hashes for comparison.  By this, I mean that I
maintain a checkout on the repo box itself, eliminating any network travel at
all.  (Perhaps the file i/o is sent through the loopback in this case, but it is
inconsequential.)  I do the md5sum hash there, and then again in the foreign
machine's newly checked-out working dir.  If the hashes compare OK, then I have
confidence that the network did not interfere with my checkout.

In the example below, $target_X is a pattern defined elsewhere which maps to my
list of VIFs.

This doesn't address the exact issue the Ulrich seems to be reporting, but may 
a starting point.

if ( $host eq $repoMachine ) {

  @hash_target = ("$repo_top/$target_1",

  foreach $target (@hash_target) {

   system("find $target|grep -v CVS|xargs md5sum -t >


 } else {

  @hash_target = ("$buildMachine_top/$target_1",

  foreach $target (@hash_target) {

   system("find $target|grep -v CVS|xargs md5sum -t >


address@hidden wrote:

> This is a problem.  SCCS has a checksum in each file, but RCS does not
> and the RCS file format does not lend itself to adding one.  And many
> CVS commands don't read the entire file and so wouldn't be able to
> verify the checksum anyway.
> > Additionally CVS should report the line number/section/revision number
> > where the
> > invalid syntax is detected, and it should display a short reason message.
> Feel free to submit patches.

John Minnihan

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