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Re: 'cvs log' for changes between revisions shows all revisions for fil

From: Alexander Kamilewicz
Subject: Re: 'cvs log' for changes between revisions shows all revisions for files that do not have the tag
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 15:14:08 -0500

"Jones, Clinton A" wrote:
> After experimenting with, I found that I could not get the log
> information that I want.  The problem is not the script, but in how the cvs
> log command works.
> I'm trying to create a ChangeLog that shows only changes that occurred
> between two releases, but if a file has been added to the project, and does
> not contain the given tag, the log command displays a warning and then
> continues to show all revisions for this file anyway.  The problem is that
> now the output includes comments for a file that was never involved in the
> latest release.
> For example:
> 1. File 'A' in some_project has tags 'rel1' and 'rel2'.
> 2. A new file 'B' is added to some_project but the developer does not want
> this file to be in the build yet, so the file has never been tagged as rel2.
> 3. I use the following command for all changes in some_project between rel1
> and rel2:
> cvs log -rrel1:rel2
> 4. For file 'A', the output shows all log messages that occurred between
> 'rel1' and 'rel2' as expected.
> For file 'B', the log command does not find a 'rel2' revision.
> Unfortunately the default behavior is to display all changes to the file
> from the first revision up to the tip.  Now the log output is polluted with
> changes made to a file that was not tagged for the build.
> Is there some other way to get only the information that I need?

Have you looked at  It's not _exactly_ what you want, but
can give you good reports on what's new in the repository.

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