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Re: Advantages and Disadvantages of CVSNT

From: Laine Stump
Subject: Re: Advantages and Disadvantages of CVSNT
Date: 14 Jun 2001 00:59:24 -0400
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What about the capabilities of commitinfo, loginfo, taginfo. I would
imagine those must be limited on an NT server, since it won't have all
the same commands available. (I'm just guessing though, as I've never
run it on NT. It's something you should investigate though).

Also, what about the more flexible remote administration (Of course
that's and argument for Unix rather than NT in general, so presumably
your admin has already chosen to ignore that point).

And I would reiterate the point that CVSNT is a *port* of CVS, not
just another platform that the main source can be built for. That
means that there is a delay before new features/bugfixes in the main
code find their way into cvsnt.

Mathias Meyer <address@hidden> writes:

> on Dienstag, 12. Juni 2001 11:23 you wrote:
> > Um, I don't have much experience with the Windows CVS server, but the
> > Windows filesystem is case insensitive and Linux's isn't.  Linux 
> is
> > more reliable in general.  More development work goes on on CVS
> > servers on UNIX systems, so bugs should show up less often and get
> > fixed more quickly.
> >
> > might have some useful data.
> >
> They certainly might do, but I didn't find anything, that would 
> convince my Admin to run CVS under Linux, which I prefer too. They just 
> mention people who use CVSNT and are satisfied with that ;)
> Of course you can't expect developers to reduce the quality of their 
> product. The case-insensitivity is a good point, but people who like to 
> use Windows don't care about that.
> But thanks anyway.
> Seems like I'll have to cvs with NT ;(((((
> Best Regards.
> -- 
> Mathias Meyer
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