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Re: 'cvs log' for changes between revisions shows all revisions for fil

From: Rudolf Balada
Subject: Re: 'cvs log' for changes between revisions shows all revisions for files that do not have the tag
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 15:51:20 +0200

you can also try to use datetime stamps. These datetime stamp of tag can
be retrieved by `cvs history -xT -t ${mytag}`. Note that "retagging" of
any file moves the datetime stamp to current time so it might become

You can also try from 

I personally use hacked for HTML output, because I don't like
frames. Examples of such html changelog can be found at

Alexander Kamilewicz wrote:
> "Jones, Clinton A" wrote:
> >
> > After experimenting with, I found that I could not get the log
> > information that I want.  The problem is not the script, but in how the cvs
> > log command works.
> >
> > I'm trying to create a ChangeLog that shows only changes that occurred
> > between two releases, but if a file has been added to the project, and does
> > not contain the given tag, the log command displays a warning and then
> > continues to show all revisions for this file anyway.  The problem is that
> > now the output includes comments for a file that was never involved in the
> > latest release.
> >
> > For example:
> > 1. File 'A' in some_project has tags 'rel1' and 'rel2'.
> > 2. A new file 'B' is added to some_project but the developer does not want
> > this file to be in the build yet, so the file has never been tagged as rel2.
> > 3. I use the following command for all changes in some_project between rel1
> > and rel2:
> > cvs log -rrel1:rel2
> > 4. For file 'A', the output shows all log messages that occurred between
> > 'rel1' and 'rel2' as expected.
> > For file 'B', the log command does not find a 'rel2' revision.
> > Unfortunately the default behavior is to display all changes to the file
> > from the first revision up to the tip.  Now the log output is polluted with
> > changes made to a file that was not tagged for the build.

IMHO tagging of file is not good way how to propagate the file to
build/release. We at NetBeans use the trunk and "release*" branches for
files which are going to be built. Other files which are under
development and are incompatible with current versions must be branched
off the trunk to private branch and after all major changes are done,
the files are merged back to trunk. This is also true for releases,
which are also branched out of trunk and further stabilization
development continues on branch until release.

In your case cvs history will not be reliable as I suggested above.

> >
> > Is there some other way to get only the information that I need?
> Have you looked at  It's not _exactly_ what you want, but
> can give you good reports on what's new in the repository.


Rudolf Balada    
NetBeans Release Engineer
Release Engineering Engineer, Forte Tools  
Tel.: +420 (2) 3300 - 9187 (x49187)

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