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can checkin id come from login-- not CVS/Root?

From: rfriedman
Subject: can checkin id come from login-- not CVS/Root?
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 12:20:26 -0400

      Because it has many junior developers, my company uses a centralized
 development model.  Rather than having each developer load tomcat on his or her
 laptop, they all develop on one central app server.  We would like to use cvs,
 but in order to do so we must solve one problem.  If there is one working copy
 of a project checked out onto this central app server and it was checked out by
 developer A, can developer B make some changes and check them in and have it
 recorded in the repository that HE is responsible for the change-- not
 A.   In other words, can I get cvs to use my login at check-in time rather than
 what is stored in the    CVS/Root files of the working copy?


 --Rami Friedman

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