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Re: CVS - Obsolete files

From: Richard Wesley
Subject: Re: CVS - Obsolete files
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 12:37:55 -0700

At 3:13 PM -0400 6/14/01, Larry Jones wrote:
Lamar Seifuddin writes:

 How can I set up CVS to checkout source directories
 without getting the "obsolete" files?

Remove them (with cvs rm).  They'll still be in the repository, just in
the Attic subdirectory with the latest revision marked "dead", so their
revision history will still be available.

-Larry Jones

On a related note, I keep running into a problem managing third party sources. Sometimes we will get a drop of a source tree and some of the files have been deleted i.e. they are not present in the import (any more). When I import and then update a workspace, the missing files are not removed.

Is there any way to make this happen automatically. I can see that it is a thorny problem in the general case, but it also seems that for this common case there might be something if only I could find it...

- rmgw

Richard Wesley           Electric Fish, Inc.       address@hidden

"I would like the audience to know, that although I read this stuff, I _don't_
 write it."
     - Wallace Greenslade, _The Goon Shows: The Scarlet Capsule_

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