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Re: testing different versions of client/server against each other

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: testing different versions of client/server against each other
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 09:02:43 -0400

Stephen Cameron wrote:

> So, two questions 1) Is there any easy way to get to test different
> versions of client and server against each other? (more to characterize the

Try setting CVS_SERVER=<path to old version of CVS> and running in remote mode.
You may have to override CVS_SERVER inside the script.

> breakage than anything else) and 2) would it be a good idea for client and
> server to give each other some idea of what they can and cannot tolerate?  For
> this latter, I suppose the simpler the better, maybe exchange version numbers
> and compare against a list of konwn-to-work-with (or maybe,
> known-not-to-work-with)  and proceed or not based on that?

They already do as part of the client/server protocol.  If you set 
you'll notice that the first thing the client and server exchange are
"valid-responses".  These are commands they each understand.

Since this is only for protocol commands (for instance, an old server will error
out later when a new client sends '-C' because it doesn't know how to parse that
option), your best protection is probably simply that `.' isn't allowed in tags.
An old server should either error out while parsing your tag or simply not be 
to find it anywhere...

> How has this kind of thing been handled before? Or maybe it never came up?


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