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Re: CVS Features

From: Lan Barnes
Subject: Re: CVS Features
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 10:57:44 -0700


I have consulted on both PVCS and CVS and have amassed quite a bit of
experience with both. Both can do a pretty good job. Both have warts.

I would say that the fundamental difference is that PVCS works on the
pessimistic, locking model, and CVS works on the optimistic, merging model.
Which model is "better" depends entirely on your application. For those
projects dominated by BLOB "source" files, locking can simplify things. For
ASCII source, I prefer merging.

There is a wide choice of ancillary CVS tools -- GUI front ends, web
enabling, scripts -- that give it every bell and whistle that PVCS can
boast. However, PCVS's Tracker is natively integrated; I have no experience
yet with integrating an issue capture module (Bugzilla? Gnats?) with CVS.

Cost aside -- and it's a lot of money to put to one side ;-) -- I prefer
CVS. More robust, easier to install, administer, clean up after, and (for
me) use.


Donald Sharp wrote:
> Please feel free to read the cvs documentation:
> How did you determine your list of requirements btw?
> donald
> On Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 08:47:55AM -0400, Adam Popp wrote:
> > I'm thinking about using the CVS version control but I am comparing it to an
> > alterative which is Merant's PVCS could you tell me which features CVS has
> > compared to PVCS.
> >
> >                                       Merant PVCS                     CVS
> >
> > Version Control                               YES
> > Defect Tracking                               YES
> > Configuration Manager                 YES
> > Web Access Via Web Browser            YES
> > Web Access Via Custom Client          *SEE NOTE*
> > Client / Server Arch                  **SEE NOTE**
> > Windows Client                                YES
> > Windows Server                                YES FOR WEB
> > AIX Client                            YES
> > AIX Server                            YES FOR WEB
> > Proprietary Repository                        YES
> > DB2 Repository                                NO
> > Oracle Repository                     YES
> > Multi Object Storage Capability               YES
> > Database Backup Capability            ***SEE NOTE***
> >
> >
> > Web Access Via Custom Client  *Thin Client Applet in Conjunction with Web
> > Browser*
> >
> > Client / Server Arch  **Defect Tracker uses Client server data on back
> > end, VM internet user is client server**
> >
> > Database Backup Capability    ***Works with current backup method***
> >
> > Adam Popp
> > e-mail:  address@hidden
> >
> >
> >
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