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cvs history file is huge, can it be removed?

From: Kevin Tomasek
Subject: cvs history file is huge, can it be removed?
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 07:13:02 -0700

I have spent some time looking throught the cvs discussion list and didn't
see what i was looking for.  I did see your name quite often though, hence
the mail.

my question is ..  can the history file be deleted?  moved and create a new
history file?

the manual says that the history file is used if it exists, is this true?
if i don't have one it won't create one?

the reason for this question is our history file is MASSIVE!!  backing up
the repo is long for this one file!

i would like to compress the present and start a new one, although the times
i have tried to use the history file have been pretty useless, it would seg
fault.  i do want to make sure the cvs doesn't stop working because of this

thanks  Kevin T..

ps.  maybe this should be a FAQ on the cvs home page??

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