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From: Noel L Yap
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 15:18:16 -0400

>> I beg to differ.  Even in your preferred method, you rely on the user
>> to carefully leave a bread crumb trail, by noting the rename in the commit
>> comment.
>The audit trail is not necessarily dependent on the user -- there are an
>almost infinite number of ways to mechanise and automate its creation
>(and its tracking too)!

So why not have CVS do this work OOTB?

>> What if you rename the top directory of a deep tree?  That's a LOT of
>> manual merging to do.
>Why would anyone do anything so idiotic?
>>  And sometimes the rename is necessary.
>No, such things are *NEVER* "necessary"!  It's a figment of your
>imagination.  It might be highly desirable, but never ever "necessary".

How 'bout:  Your company decides to change its name or goes through a merger and
you're programming in Java?

In any case, /why/ would it matter why anyone would do this?  The fact is that
it's a request commonly made.  Your answer seems to be to deem that request as
being "wrong".

>Ha! Of course some users, such as perhaps yourself, have totally
>unrealistic expectations.  That's the nature of the game.  CVS isn't a
>market driven product -- it's a freeware niche product.  You're
>comparing apples and oranges and then wondering why there's no
>consistent taste between the two.

In the end, every product is market-driven -- if there's no need for CVS, it
wouldn't exist.

>Fine.  Go use such a system and forget you ever heard about CVS.
>> Or, CVS could be changed to really do it right...
>In your dreams Paul.

I think Greg has been saying that CVS is a niche product and that it shouldn't
braoden it's horizons.  So, if:
1. You have binary files,
2. You _ever_ need to rename files for the lifetime of your project,
3. You want to version directories,
4. You want to reuse a filename that's been rm'd in the past but with a
different type,
5. Possibly others I can't think of right now,

then don't use CVS.


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