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Cleaning CRLFs from repository text files

From: jfaith
Subject: Cleaning CRLFs from repository text files
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:43:32 -0700

We have some text files in a repository which contain DOS line endings,
which were created on Windows and added to CVS from UNIX (via Samba, so
no line conversion was done).  We also even have some files which
contain mixed endings (CRLF and LF), depending on version.  I'd like to
modify all the repository files so that history is retained and so that
all have just UNIX line endings.  My first thought was to run 'tr -d
'\r'' or dos2unix on the repository files themselves, but I'm wondering
if this would result in some undesired side effect.

Does anyone have experience doing this kind of surgery?

Please also respond directly, since I'm not on the list.  Thanks!,
John Faith

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