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CVS/Entries and status

From: Anita Chacko
Subject: CVS/Entries and status
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 15:27:22 -0700 (PDT)


I see in CVS manual that the CVS/Entries file will be
of this format

It states that "tagdate contains `T' followed by a tag
name, or `D' for a date, followed by a sticky tag or
date. "
I also came to know that we can obtain the branch name
of a file from the CVS/Entries file

But when I see my CVS/Entries file in my working
directory,I don't see any tag/branch names as follows.

/dfilter.c/1.12/Thu Nov 30 20:13:19 2000//
/pdmbkgdthread.c/1.24/Mon Mar 05 19:15:59 2001//
/pim.c/1.40/Tue Jan 23 01:30:54 2001//
/profile.c/1.18/Wed Nov 29 22:54:30 2000//
/table.c/1.40/Thu Feb 15 01:49:23 2001//
/ts.c/1.9/Tue Jan 23 20:02:29 2001//
/vhm.c/1.19/Thu Feb 22 23:04:46 2001//
/vrm.c/1.66/Fri Feb 23 19:57:01 2001//
/vsm.c/1.22/Wed Dec 13 01:53:18 2000//

When I do a cvs status on for example  dfilter.c(which
is shown above in Entries) I see the following

File: dfilter.c         Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:    1.12
   Repository revision: 1.12
   Sticky Tag:          (none)
   Sticky Date:         (none)
   Sticky Options:      (none)

   Existing Tags:
Win98_0_4_REL_04_05_2001        (revision: 1.12)
Win98MNI_0_3_RelBranch          (branch: 1.10.2)
v5IBC                           (branch: 1.9.2)
Win98MNI_0_3_Rel                (revision: 1.10)
Sept29Linux                     (revision: 1.10)

What do the tag/branch names under the Existing Tags
Also,when I do
cvs co -r Win98_0_4_REL_04_05_2001  or 
cvs co -r Win98MNI_0_3_RelBranch   
I am getting the error "cvs [server aborted]: no such
tag Win98_0_4_REL_04_05_2001 " and 
"cvs [server aborted]: no such tag

What could be the reason?It says in status that those
are existing tags.
Pls help.Thanks a lot,
Anita Chacko

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