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RE: $DateZone: (ZONE)$

From: 鯉江英隆
Subject: RE: $DateZone: (ZONE)$
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 12:22:59 +0900

  From:       address@hidden (Greg A. Woods)
  Subject:    Re: $DateZone: (ZONE)$ (was RE: $DateLocal$)
  Date:       Tue, 19 Jun 2001 03:30:32 +0900
  Message-Id: <address@hidden>

  | The problem with using local time in CVS, either in history reports, or
  | in keywords, is that it's mostly a problem in the mind of the person
  | reading the time.  Anyone who has experience in any domain with multiple
  | timezones will be able to appreciate the need for using Universal
  | Coordinated Time (UTC, aka GMT).  Often training of the users can be
  | assisted by putting a UTC clock in plain view so that they can quickly
  | and easily learn to do the conversion to their local time.

If most user will be in single timezone,
it is natural that format of date is in the timezone.
For example, Japanese teritory is smal, there is one timezone.
Commercial user in non-global company desires
date format is local timezone.
Sometimes I read info-cvs, this request looks like FAQ.
(And this request has occured in japanese mailing list.)

>From a different aspect:
Often, by OS setting, `ls' or `dir' will outputs with local timezone.
If a timezone is not specified in a date string,
the user assumes it is in local timezone.
If it is UTC, should be specified.

  | Generally speaking I also have to wonder what's so critical about the
  | time of a commit operation that users have to know it exactly or to
  | compare it to the current local time.  Usually the only thing that's
  | important on such a fine-grained scale is the delta between two
  | timestamps, and most people can do such calculations in their heads
  | (especially if they ignore the minutes ;-).

I'm not using $Date$ usually.  But someone wants.
The conversion is a elementary calculation.
The problem is whether he/she notices it is UTC.

  | So, what problem exactly are you trying to solve by introducing the
  | fatally flawed concept of local time into CVS keywords?

I will introduce $Date$ with specified timezone, not local timezone.

  | (Note also that you're going to have to hack a copy of RCS too if you
  | ever need to use RCS to access repository files.)

I forget.  CVSweb uses RCS...

KOIE Hidetaka <address@hidden> in Japan

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