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Regarding the problems facing in checking out a directory.

From: Utpal Kasture
Subject: Regarding the problems facing in checking out a directory.
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 13:47:55 +0530


        Actually i am working on CVS version 1.10.5 on linux platform (Red Hat 6.1).I extract the cvs.gz file in root directory,after that i set the CVSROOT=/root/cvs-1.10.5 in .bash file & .profile file, as setenv command is not working there.Then when i gave  cvs init  command, one folder gets created in  /root called CVSROOT   and in that CVS  folder gets created.

        After that i tried in /root directory the command cvs checkout test the test is some folder where .c  files are present.The test folder is in /root/cvs-1.10.5 directory.Then it only shows the message updating test like that. But it did not show the listing of those file which are pesent in test folder.Also the checkout command made a directory in root with the same name at /root and it contain also CVS dir. but it did not contain the .c files.So i did not get how the checkout command works.

Can u please send me the related documents like

How to set CVSROOT?
How the actual checkout command works?
What is the another folder which is  generated when that command is used?
Also also after checking out how to made the changes in Repository?.

Like that please guide me.

With Regards,

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