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RE: cvs history file is huge, can it be removed?

From: Kevin Tomasek
Subject: RE: cvs history file is huge, can it be removed?
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 05:42:56 -0700


You are correct..

After setting the permissions to the new history file correctly, cvs was no
longer confused.  

neither am I.  thanks for the help.


the ? marks are from tkcvs in the status field.

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Subject: Re: cvs history file is huge, can it be removed?

Kevin Tomasek writes:
> i found that if you move it, and touch a new history file, someone who has
> current check outs can no longer use the repo.  the cvs status will return
> for all files.

That shouldn't happen.  In face, I just tried it, and it doesn't happen.
Did you set the permissions and ownership of the new history file
correctly (e.g., the same as the old history file)?  I don't understand
what you mean by "the cvs status will return ? for all files"; could you
be more specific about exactly what command causes exactly what output?

> does cvs behave differently with and without a history file?  if i had
> moved it and NOT touched a new one would the users still complain about
> status giving ? for all files in their current sandbox's?

The only difference is that history doesn't get recorded if there's no
history file; otherwise, CVS behaves exactly the same.  On the other
hand, if the history file exists but is inaccessable (e.g., due to
permission problems), CVS will complain and refuse to let you do some

-Larry Jones

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