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Re: Future CVS Development

From: Pascal Bourguignon
Subject: Re: Future CVS Development
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 15:13:57 +0200 (CEST)

I believe that what some people need with respect to a version control
system,  is  to  be  able  to  manage  binary  files  in  addition  to
traditional text files.

For text files, there's no problem, CVS is perfect with its concurrent

For binary files, CVS is somewhat lacking.

Well, it's probably not a good  response to propose to use a different
version control system for binary files while using CVS for text file,
is it.

Therefore, it  may be  a good  idea to have  a version  control system
working with two different paradigms:

     - do concurent versionning for text files,
     - do file locking, non concurrent versionning for binary files.

Name it CXLVS (Concurrent XOR Locking Versionning System).

Otherwise,  the alternative  is  to separate  text  files from  binary
files, and to manage text files with CVS and binary files with another
versionning system. Not tastful...

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