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CVS - CO single file w/o dirpath

From: Lamar Seifuddin
Subject: CVS - CO single file w/o dirpath
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 14:54:54 -0500


 I want to check out one file at least five directories deep,.

 I know I have to specify the full path to the file in the
 checkout command.

 But, I just want the file, not the directory path.

 what is the format of the checkout command?

 The documentation on using the -N with the -d
 is unclear to me.

 This is what I did:

 cvs checkout -r REL-2-3-0-d3 -dN src/archgen/README

 This created a N directory with the file README

 ?????   duh

 probably real simple........I just can't see it.

forgive me in advance.

thank you,


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