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loginfo questions

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: loginfo questions
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 13:52:35 -0700


I currently have my commit messages written to a logfile that is emailed to
all of the developers at the end of the day.  The existence of the log file
also triggers a nightly build, so if there were no commits during the day,
the nightly build will not run.  Conversely, if there is just one commit (no
matter what branch it is on), the code on all branches will get built.

This hasn't been a problem in the past, but now I would like to be a little
more selective about which branches get built during the night.  I do not
want (for example) to build the code from a branch if no commits were made
on that branch during the day.

So, rather than all commits being logged to a single file (which is
currently the case with my loginfo file), I would like to write branch
commits to their own log file (one log file per branch - and one for the
main trunk).

So I have two questions:

1) Is it possible to know from within loginfo if there is a branch tag
associated with a commit?  Perhaps as an option like the {sVv} options?  If
not, I guess I will have to grep the input for a "Tag" line and parse out
the branch tag.

2) I can see that there is a line like the one below (in the log file) when
a commit is from a branch:

Tag: REL_3_4 (which is the branch tag)

Will a similar line will also appear if the tag is a non-branch tag?  (I
suspect not, but just want to be sure).


- Dennis

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