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repository surfing

From: Schwenk, Jeanie
Subject: repository surfing
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 17:04:40 -0700

I've got two engineers here who want to be able to just view the files in
the repository without checking them out.  These are ex-ClearCase users and,
let me quote  "I could do that in ClearCase."  Yes, they are aware they can
checkout read-only.  They don't want to have to checkout to view files.
Yes, I know the repository is not where people should be, they could do
unintentional damage.  "Doesn't matter." ... they want to look at the files
in the repository without checking them out and without having 'all that
junk' in the file.  One of them looked at a file (i.e. the filename,v) and
was convinced we were using the wrong code.  The panic, however, was
generated by the log section at the bottom of the file.   

Is what they want possible?  I've only been cvs'ing for about a month now
and I don't know everything.  Please feel free to just send a link if you
know where the infomation is.  I'm also open to good arguments against
allowing it.

Thanks in advance.


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