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Re: Archiving a project

From: Alexander Kamilewicz
Subject: Re: Archiving a project
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 11:39:45 -0500

"Furmaniuk, Michael" wrote:
>   We currently have our repository set up with all of our projects as high
> level directories, in this sort of idea:
>                ---  project 1 --- code
>               /
>   system --  project 2
>               \
>                --- project 3  ...etc
>   We are now not going to use some of them (say project 1 or 2), they are
> for customer specific projects which are now cancelled, and the code is
> duplicated in other projects so we won't lose development.
>   I am wondering what is the best way to lock the repositories and keep
> anyone from checking code into them.  I was thinking of using watches, or
> perhaps setting up scripts to watch for specific directories and not display
> them if anyone tries a checkout or a CVS log.  Is there a good scenario to
> use in this case?  I've been looking in the archives, the Docs, and even in
> Karl Fogel's book and really don't see where someone has wanted to lock
> people out of a project, and unlock it later on if the project suddenly
> comes back.  We do use scripts to do checkouts from CVS and set up the code
> in development and build areas, one idea I toyed with was changing directory
> names at the project level to have a keyword and modify the scripts to
> ignore any projects with that keyword.  But if I change directory names I
> don't want to screw up CVS.

I'd probably chown them to me and then chmod them to 700.  In the
Repository, of course.


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