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RE: CVS file locking question

From: Dieter Shirley
Subject: RE: CVS file locking question
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 12:18:27 -0700

Guy Gardner said:

> We are thinking of having the main repository on an NT box and then check
> to individual Powerbooks running Mac OS X (ie. BSD Unix under the hood)
> then commit changes back into the NT-based repository. In order to gain
> to the NT files system we are using a product called Sharity that allows
us to
> map NT disk volumes so that the Macs can get to them. The one down side is
> that Sharity does not support file locking at all (read or write file
> are ignored by it entirely).

I'd like to second Larry's comment that using CVS over a file share is a bad
idea.  The CVS client/server model is one of the advantages of CVS and can
greatly reduce network traffic.  Presumably, you bought those PowerBooks not
just 'cause they looked cool, but also 'cause they're portable.  You'll
notice the difference between client/server and file shares in a hurry over
a modem!

If you're taking the plunge to Mac OS X anyway, why not use Mac OS X as the
CVS server?  We're a primarily Windows shop here, but we installed OS X on
an old Beige G3 to serve a CVS repository.  It does just fine, but if you're
worried about performance, make sure it has plenty of RAM and a fast
hard-drive; the CPU is not the bottleneck...

There is an server for CVS that runs on NT, but I've never tried it.  I do
notice that WinCVS has a special option to use when accessing it.  I'm not
sure if this is an optional enhancement, or if it's required, but it does
make me worry about compatibility.


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